Wednesday, January 6, 2010

33 things

for my 33rd birthday, i made a list of 33 things to do before i turn 34. i am always so inspired by the lists that andrea, kristin, elizabeth & dani make, so i wanted to give it a whirl this year. elizabeth, in particular, made an awesome mini book to document her last list. i used to scrapbook a lot, but now that everything is online, i haven't done anything. a mini book seems like just the ticket to get back on the crafty track.

so, taking inspiration from elizabeth, her inspiration (elise blaha) and ali edwards' december daily books, here is the beginning of my 33 things book. mostly assembled and waiting for the documentation to begin!

(can i just say how happy i was to find these sparkly aqua letters at target? and how happy i was to use my new japanese masking tape? hint: the answer is very.)


Anonymous said...

jodi! i'm so excited! it looks great so far. And I love that you printed out the comments (is that what that is?) from the 33 things post... really cool. And you got aqua letters! And that patterned masking tape! I can't wait to follow along. :)


jodi said...

yeah, i printed out that photo post page. it was, like, four pages of comments! i kind of wish i had figured out how i wanted to fold it up before i glued part of it down. but it still turned out okay.

i want to go out and do a bunch of things on my list, so i can put them in the book!!

thanks so much for the inspiration! xo

sazzy said...

such a cool idea!

kristin said...

so wonderful jodi!!!! love the idea of a book. i may need to steal it. :) and that masking tape where or where do you get that???

jodi said...


Anonymous said...

oooh....i love it! and your post. and a fresh start :)

Anonymous said...

hi jodi. hope you don't mind me dropping in on your blog.
i took the same type of inspiration from dani's list and started one too. but i love the book idea. my sil commented that she might do a 27 things because of her birthday so i sent her this link and the ones for elizabetht's and elisa's books. so much fun.
looking forward to getting to know you and watching your book fill up. happy new year! ~keli

jodi said...

thanks keli!