Wednesday, January 6, 2010

the list

33 things to do before i turn 34

1. go ice skating in central park

2. walk across the manhattan bridge
3. give my husband lots of kisses (in progress)
4. give my puppy lots of cuddles
5. make something with my sewing machine (find parts first)
6. go to the beach
7. renew my passport
8. learn a new recipe
9. make more handmade gifts
10. surprise someone
11. have my photos published
12. visit at least one new city
13. go to the new museum
14. read five books for fun
15. shoot more film (in progress)
16. practice random acts of kindness (in progress)
17. buy or make curtains for my bare windows
18. give my mom & dad big hugs
19. ride a bicycle
20. play skeeball
21. have dinner at tree
22. mail letters to my favorite people, near & far (in progress)
23. learn to crochet
24. go the macy's thanksgiving day parade &/or the greenwich village halloween parade
25. go to a county fair
26. start a new photo project
27. get my medical file organized
28. shop at more thrift/vintage stores (in progress)
29. open an etsy shop
30. clear out the clutter (in progress)
31. add to the list of flickr friends i have met in real life
32. organize my workspace at home (in progress)
33. document this list


jodi said...

almost the end of january, and i already have three items crossed off! plus, several more are in progress. i am liking this list business quite a bit.

Gail Dragon said...

You have just inspired me. I have started a 49 things to do before I turn 50, I have given myself until my fiftieth in 2012. I did steal a couple of your ideas, I will post on facebook when I am done with the list.

jodi said...

that's great gail! looking forward to your list.

kimbie05 said...

Your pup is too adorable! Look at those nose, so sweet. (Kim @ Yellow Brick Home)

Karin Elizabeth said...

I'm loving this idea, Jodi. Might have to do something similar for myself, too. Good luck with your wonderful challenge!

jodi said...

thanks karin!