Thursday, March 4, 2010

for the love of color

kristin posted this vivid color faves mosaic the other day and got quite the response, so she is hosting a color week starting today! who needs to wait for monday, when we've all got spring fever? no one!

here is the line up:

thursday ~ spring greens, apple greens, verdant greens

friday ~ hot pink, fuchsia, raspberry

saturday ~ orange, saffron

sunday ~ sunny yellow

monday ~ electric blue, royal blue, bright blues

tuesday ~ purples, eggplant

wednesday ~ (final day) rockin' reds: cayanne, candy apple red, fire engine, cherry

won't you join the fun?


Anonymous said...

sheesh, yet again I'm totally inspired to try this too. This is sort of what I meant when I left that comment about manufacturing our own spring. (I hope you aren't starting to hate how I keep jumping on bandwagons after hearing about them from you! because I will totally stop. :) )

elizabeth :)

jodi said...

jump away! =)

Prêt à Voyager said...

speaking of color you so need to come to Morocco! :)


jodi said...

oh, man, don't i know it!