Sunday, June 6, 2010


the brooklyn renegade craft fair was this past weekend and it was super awesome, as usual. the mister and i got there late in the day, but we still enjoyed it immensely. chris added to his ever expanding t-shirt collection with a stop to supermaggie, we found a christmas gift for my brother, i added to my letterpress card collection (with full intentions to mail out all three of the cards i bought within the next 6 weeks), and we managed to have our photo taken in a photobooth. all in all, a success.

i didn't take a ton of photos, but here are a few peeks from the fair.

chris loved this booth. i think he was kind of sad when he saw that someone had already bought the zelda piece.

so many of the booths had pretty little details, like this.

tons of great ink everywhere. i think next year, we'll just park ourselves on a bench for the day so we can do more people watching & tattoo spotting.

super fun plush toys.

and the completely RAD (& free!) photo booth provided by magnolia photo booth co. with props to boot!


Vanessa/NessieNoodle said...

how fun. I will have to try and make it to the SF renegade fair on year.

(and how cute are you two?!)

jodi said...

yes! you should totally got the SF fair.

and flowers pick themselves said...

love the photo booth pics. so adorable :)

xo Alison

jodi said...

thanks alison!

abby try again said...

it looks like so much fun :)
my dream is to day, one day.
hope you are having a lovely weekend.

jodi said...

abby -- i think they had one in austin this year. you'll have to be sure to go next year! of course, you are always welcome to go the brooklyn one, too. =)

kristin said...

oh it looks so cool. i too love to ink spot. i can't help myself. maybe one day you and i can sit on a bench and just see how many tatts we can spot!

jodi said...

sounds good to me! you should definitely come down to the city for renegade next summer.