Sunday, August 15, 2010

#31 - add to the list of flickr friends that i have met in real life.

(the lovely elizabeth taylor)

i am an idiot. i recently met meredith and stephanie and was all excited to put together a post about #31 on my list.

(meredith & kristin on the brooklyn bridge)

then, as i was going through photos, i realized that i met, lindsay, tania AND jason this year.

(tania & lindsay at an anthropologie event)

(jason & erin in front of soba-ya)

and i got to see kristin again! i guess i had it in my head that i would meet people who were traveling to new york or i would travel somewhere and meet them. the good news is that i've met five new flickr friends in real life this year! and seen lots of other flickr friends again and again. hooray!! flickr friends are the bestest. for reals. if you don't have some, you should go out and find some. they're awesome.


kristin said...

for reals! LOVE that you are making these connections. i find that they have just FED MY SOUL these past 3 years since taking the dive into meeting in real life. just the best peeps!


Anonymous said...

i wholeheartedly agree! everyone needs to get them some flickr friends, they ARE the bestest! i'm so glad to be on your list, and you on mine!!