Saturday, October 2, 2010

#19 - ride a bicycle

the view of lower manhattan from governor's island

i don't have any good photos to go along with this one, but a few weekends ago, the mister & i took the ferry to governor's island and rented bicycles.  it was so much fun!!  it was a cool, late summer morning and we were on the first ferry of the day, so it wasn't very crowded.  super fun!


Cathy said...

This sounds like a perfect day. I LOVE bike riding.

urban muser said...

yes! i rode a bike on gov island this past summer too. so much fun, right?

Hijiri said...

ohhhh fun!!! I've always wanted to do that there, that's awesome you were able to enjoy the last summer in the city!!! :)

jodi said...

@cathy: it was excellent!
@urban muser: it was SO much fun. i can hardly wait to go back next summer.
@hijiri: you should definitely check it out next summer!

Bridget said...

cool picture.