Wednesday, November 3, 2010

'roid week, day three

day three of 'roid week brings us to a big before and after.  over the summer, i decided i wanted to cut my hair short.  my friend, erin, has a two-for-one deal with her stylist, so i was just waiting on her to need a trim.  yesterday was the big day!!  i took this "before" shot just before i left for my appointment.  can you tell how nervous/excited i was??

and here is the "after"! i totally love it.  it feels SO good to have a new look and to be free of all of that weight.


elizabetht said...

i can't believe you waited since the summer without telling anyone! lol. this coming from someone who can't make a haircut decision without polling the internet. but seriously, it looks so great on you - super fun and totally gorgeous.

jodi said...

a few people knew. i showed erin & cynthia the pictures that i was going off of, to see if they thought it would work. =)

sunny said... did you decide to let go of long hair?