Wednesday, November 10, 2010

summer mini book

finally!  i finished my summer mini book at the end of october and i completely love it.

i picked up one of elise blaha's summer kits and also took her mini book workshop in september. i think the combination of the two really helped me to focus and not just throw anything and everything into this book.  sure, there are a TON of photos, but what else would you expect from me?   what i'm happiest with, is the cohesion that the kit and my edited choices make.

i used elise's tip of adding grosgrain ribbon to mark each month's title page.  i found this super cute & summer-y ribbon at kate's paperie.  i love this little detail.  while the book is mainly photos, i did add in some paper here and there and also have a few transparency pages thrown in to the mix to hold tickets to movies and events.  add in some labels and graph paper for journaling, a map, some postcards and lots of washi tape, and you have a super fun mini book.

here are a few of my favorite pages:

mini books are such a fun and easy way to keep track of memories.  they can be as fancy or as simple as you want to make them.  i can hardly wait to get started on my autumn book!


elizabetht said...

oh!! it looks great!! i love how you just used photos without adding journaling, so simple and pretty. this turned out super great. we should bring them the next time we see each other so we can flip through in person. but i love this. yay!

Stephanie said...

Fantastic, Jodi! I love it! About how big is the final product.

I especially love the Henry page! :(

azuree said...

I LOVE THIS! This is a fantastic way to keep up with little keepsakes. My husband have these manilla folders we keep all our little scraps in and now you've given me the perfect project to make these scraps into easy to view memories!

jodi said...

thanks elizabeth! we should totally bring them the next time we meet up!!

thanks steph! each page is 4x6, which makes for easy (& cheap!) photo printing. the book rings that hold it together are 1.5".

azuree -- yes! go for it! i hang on to way to many scraps, too, and this is the perfect way to organize them!

Alice said...

this looks amazing! i would love to complete a project like this some day.