Sunday, February 21, 2010

in a rut

i have been in a serious photo-taking rut lately. i'm sure two months of bronchitis and cold weather have contributed to this problem. also, i have been so focused on the current week's color for sixty-four colors, that i haven't been shooting much else. i really need a flickr meet-up to get going again. who's with me??

(this photo is from last year, btw.)


Anonymous said...

you'll get out of it soon. promise. just keep that thought in your head (especially since this week is supposed to be rainy!) and skip forward a week - next week is March! That HAS TO be better.



jodi said...

march TOTALLY has to be better, doesn't it? and after that, it will be april! and that means cherry blossoms!!

Prêt à Voyager said...

now that the weather is warming up a bit, it's really helping me want to take pictures just by the fact that it doesn't feel like my finger is going to fall off! ha.


jodi said...

@anne: if only it would warm up here in nyc. *sigh*

Cybergabi said...

I hear you about that. For me it's my knee which has been giving me a hard time in the past few weeks, particularly when standing (which is kind of the most frequent posture you take when shooting). So I'm mostly looking at my old shots and thinking about them, sorting and re-sorting them, looking at photo competitions and other opportunities to do something with them. I dropped out of every 365 project, which I still like, but I am mostly lacking the drive to go shooting at all.

Good luck with March. A bit of sunlight will hopefully help.

jodi said...

thanks gabi. good luck to you, too!