Friday, February 5, 2010

pdx/sea mini book

elizabeth turned me on to mini books and elise blaha's wonderful blog. so, when i saw that elise & her friend were hosting a week long craft challenge, i was all in and asked elizabeth to join me.

monday's word prompt was "wander." that got me thinking how i'd like to make a mini book of our portland/seattle trip last august. (turned out that it took me four evenings to make this book, so i didn't exactly get around to the other prompt words. oh, well!) i started a mini book for my 33 things list, but it's only partially done, since i have to actually complete all the items before they can go in the book. so, it was really nice to be able to start and finish this project in such a short time.

i made the cover out of a pressboard classification folder and cut up some file "out" guides to mark the start of each day of the trip with the date and a little list of things that we did. i also raided my old stash of scrapbook papers & stickers and used a few of them throughout the book, but not too much.

there are a few maps, postcards, tickets and other bits thrown in to the mix, but a lot of the pages are just photos or notes. i also printed out menus from some of the restaurants we went to.

one awesome thing that i discovered while trying to narrow down my photos, is that picasa has a really great collage feature. i set the collage size to 4"x6" and threw a few photos in to it. then, when i had the images printed, i had these great little mini collage pages. no cutting or pasting required! (although i did cut up a few of them.)

i think this one of images from pike place market turned out really nicely.

overall, this project was tons of fun! i'm already thinking up ideas for my next books.


Anonymous said...

it turned out so great! oh I just love it. The out folder with the lines is such a great way to add the descriptions of what you did each day, and I love the way the tabs divide it. And also the envelopes for ticket stubs, etc- such a cool idea! awesome awesome awesome. Now we totally have to get together a photo meetup and then a minibook making day. I can just picture a bunch of us sitting at a big table with gluesticks and scissors. :)


jodi said...

i think it would be a blast! let's make it happen for sure. (but maybe when it is just a touch warmer outside!)

peata said...

very cool mini book.